Our first project for frequent client Bluegrass E-Ecycle was through an experiential marketing adventure.

We created a full scale interactive and multi-media story line that blurred the lines between fantasy and reality to engage people all over Louisville and encourage them to think about technology and electronics recycling.

We transformed the entire back deck/patio area of Bearno's in the Highlands to look like a dig site, and a character actor posing as an archaeologist led people on tours through the site of The Lost City of Abstractus - a civilization that became overrun with their technology waste. Leading up to the tours, the "archaeologist" handed out brochures (with E-cycle information) at public events like the trolley hop, inviting people to tour his dig site. Our archaeologist also maintained an oline presence by posting his findings and quips to his blog and social media like Facebook.


People thought it was real, and we received messages from people asking to work at the dig site for free because they "are interested in archaeology." We had to break the fourth wall with one lady, because she just wouldn't give up on trying to sell our character a textbook she had authored. Others played along for the fun of it.

We received press support from the Courier Journal and our character made an appearance on Great Day Live! The installation walls were on display at Tim Faulkner Art Gallery for a year following the event and can now be seen at Mega Caverns with a sign that says, "What landfills in 2020 might look like if we don't start recycling."



Project 2:

Bluegrass E-Cycle asked for a unique visual tool (that did not take a computer to run) that could be used to tell their story to both adults (businesses) and kids at schools or libraries. They wanted something light and easy to carry. We created this flip book of black and white cartoon art in the shape of one of their box trucks. 


Project 3:

They also approached us for help in coming up with a unique concept to help them stand out in the Halloween parade. We came up with the slogans "Give old tech new life" and "E-Waste is Scary." We created LED banners to hang from their box truck. Strange robot zombies with light up wiring and technology parts walked alongside the boxtruck and glowing banners.